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  • New Zealand
    Maori legend says, a powerful, intelligent demigod named Maui along with his brothers fished numerous islands from ocean, the largest being the North Island. It is strongly believed that Maui and his brothers crafted the hills, forest, lakes and glaciers. Polynesian demigod Maui crafted the newest landmass of earth and blessed the land with unmatched beauty, mystic landscape and rich bio diversity. “Kia Ora” (welcome) to “Aotearoa” (The land of the long white cloud). Welcome to New Zealand, the land crafted by Maui and one of the most photogenic country on planet Earth. This is a country blessed with stunning natural landscapes and one of the most naïve populations on earth. This beautiful country is full of jagged mountains, steep fords, blue lakes, wild rivers, pristine beaches, verdant forest and active volcanoes. This country is also blessed with some unique flora and fauna like the Kiwi, which has become a part of the national identity. This is a country which loves, respect and celebrates its indigenous culture like no other country. Most of the country is sparsely populated but has a very good network roads and most of the land is still unexplored.
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