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  • Cairo
    Cairo is considered to be the 16th largest metropolitan and one of the largest cities in both the Arab world and Africa. It is the capital of Egypt and a famous tourist destination for adventurous travelers and historians alike. Cairo has the oldest and largest film and music industries in the Arab World, as well as the world's second-oldest institution of higher learning.

    The area around present-day Cairo, especially Memphis, had long been a focal point of Ancient Egypt due to its strategic location just upstream from the Nile Delta. Known to its nearly 20 million residents as Um ad-Dunya (Mother of the World), modern Cairo is a hotchpotch of recent growth barely superimposed on a dense bed of history. Wander down to Islamic Cairo and you’ll be sucked in through the looking glass to a bygone medieval era. . Meanwhile, the city’s main museum bursts at the seams with the priceless wealth of ancient Egypt’s antiquities.
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