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    India is a unique country which is so diverse that it often perplexed visitors. This country is blessed with geographic and socio-cultural diversity. This is a country where you will find lofty mountain peaks of Himalayas in north; vast stretch of Indian Ocean in south, old craggy mountains in center, arid sand desert in the west; pristine unexplored hills of northeast, river plains in the central India and many more geographic landscapes. India is therefore one of the very few countries with such a diverse geography. India is also blessed with an equally diverse culture. Each culture of India has distinct way of life, language, food habits, arts, dressing style, aspirations and traits. India is the world’s largest democracy that is highly secular and follows the welfare concept of state.

    This country is a budding superpower and is already established as an important political, military and economical might in the world. India is also an Asian might and is held in high esteem in global affairs. This country has 18 officially recognized national languages. This country has many ethnic groups and sub groups and tribes. Despite being such a diverse country, India is standing united and growing strong with each passing day. India has a rich history and a glorious past that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. India is a country where you can make quick transition from modern comforts to old world charm. This is a land which is such diverse that on every nook and corner you will discover something fascinating. Modern day outsourcing, IT and liberal market economy has resulted in lots of investments by international MNCs which resulted in a new cultural fusion of modern day beliefs based on deep rooted traditions and family values.

    Cricket and Bollywood is the national pastime of Indians. Politics dominates the discussions in India. Most Indians have now found affluence due to liberal market which has resulted in high purchasing parity; resulted in many international brands opening outlets in India. Supermalls and new hotels are growing at a phenomenal pace. India is thriving hard to get a permanent Security Council seat in UN. India is now growing at a steady pace and is looking towards its goal to be a superpower in near future. This is one country which offers such diverse and intense experience to tourist that it makes it one of the most appreciated countries in the world.

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